Performance-Tuning by VOS Performance

Chiptuning for cars means that the software is optimized within the engine control unit – therefore Chiptuning is also referred to as software tuning. Various parameters, such as e.g. Amount of fuel, ignition timing, fuel injection timing and boost pressure will coordinated much better.

At VOS PERORMANCE we not only rely on professional Partners like RaceChip or PedalBox. With state of the art methods our Engineers improve the overall performance of your car by “implanting” an individually designed setup that meets your requirements and preferences. No “out-of-the-box” tuning but custom made performance improvement.

Partnership with industry-leading brands

More power

Up to 35% performance increase by individually optimizing the engine control software.

More fuel efficency

Individually applied software tuning increases the overall fuel efficency of your car.

More torque

Up to 35% increase of “pulling power” (torque) by individually optimizing the engine control software.

Lower emissions

Lower emissions by reducing the fuel consumption of your car.



On turbo-charged engines the performance gains are starting at 15% and go up to 35. With software tuning applied to natural aspirated engines, the power increase can be set to an average between 5% and 10%. Especially the acceleration performance and torque are improved enormously during chip tuning.

As part of the chip or software tuning comes with a reduction of fuel consumption an lower emissions at the same driving style. In times when fuel prices continue to rise, this part is a particularly notable byproduct of the software tuning.

The results at a glance:

  • Performance increases between 5% and 35%
  • Torque increases of between 5% and 35%
  • Reducing fuel consumption and lower emissions after chip tuning


The axle-back, header-back and cat-back exhaust.

We at VOS PERFORMANCE believe that a complete an efficient performance upgrade can only be achieved with a building/rebuilding the cars exhaust system. Here are some basic details in order to fully understand the correlation between the different exhaust parts.

An axle-back exhaust system consists of all the elements from the exhaust tip to the rear axle. While cat-back and header-back exhaust systems may deliver more power, this kind of system is more often than not less expensive than the other two. An axle-back that is well designed is more powerful than the stock one and it’s a lot easier to install than the cat-back or header-back one.

A header-back exhaust system replaces all the components from the tailpipes to the header collector. Because it replaces all the components, it allows you to make the diameter of the entire exhaust system larger, which will let more exhaust gas flow through it. These kinds of systems, however, are more expensive and a lot harder to install.

A cat-back exhaust system will replace components back from the catalytic converter. They usually come with a tailpipe and muffler but based on the model and make they could also include a Y-pipe, H-pipe, X-pipe or a mid-pipe. These are one of the most popular exhaust systems.

Partnerschaft mit branchenführenden Marken


At VOS PERFORMANCE we attach great importance to details, materials, design and state of the art technology for optimal handling and performance. Precisely engineered and designed to give you the most desirable driving pleasure.


Besides our own custom engineered exhaust systems we offer – supported by our partners – only high quality products, in order to meet your individual needs and preferences.

VOS Workshop Service

At VOS PERFORMANCE we are committed to the best possible service. Our qualified team will advise and guide you in order to find the best possible solution in terms of exhaust performance. Upon request we’ll adapt, fit and install all exhaust parts or components into your car to give you the highest level of service.

VOS Suspension & Chassis Optimisation

Suspension Tuning is a critical part of getting the ultimate performance package, it is even possible to have a more competitive car then a rival with superior upgrades by having a well balanced set up, which maximises the available grip levels. It all comes done to extracting the best from what components you have and making sure they are well set up for the road or track conditions.

With upgraded suspension components, you have the potential for increase cornering capacities, by fine during the overall suspension balance and even help to eliminate weaknesses in the car chassis or handling characteristics. Suspension tuning can be used to change the way the car behave on different track and road conditions, playing to your car´s strength to gain a competitive edge.

You are looking for a complete new suspension, spare- or replacement parts? At VOS PERFORMANCE you are exactly where you want to be.

Partnerschaft mit branchenführenden Marken

Quality beats Quantity

All VOS PERFORMANCE customers benefit from our broad collaboration spectrum with well-known brands in the sector of suspension manufacturing and chassis technology, offering a wide range of high quality parts. Always, of course, according the principle: quality over quantity.

Custom made Individuality

Each customer has their own ideas, preferences and needs when upgrading the exhaust system. Every single part, every step has to be considered to achieve the perfect setup. Therefore, it is important for us to respond individually to each and offer the best solutions possible.

Countless Variations & Setups

A wide range of vehicles and models requires an even greater range of suspension techniques. Our engineers will design the individual suspension matching your cars core competences as well as your personal preferences. Sporty, everyday use or even for racing purposes – we’ll lead the way to the best driving experience.

VOS PERFORMANCE Carbon Fibre Body- and interiour Parts

VOS PERFORMANCE carbon body parts and kits meet the highest industry standards in terms of terms of strength, material quality and matching accuracy. All parts are designed exclusively and manufactured according to the newest methods.

Carbon lamination (the so called “wrapping”) is a very specific technique for the most car parts today. Although a molded carbon piece may be “sexier” and, some would argue, a “true” carbon fiber piece lamination allows us to do pieces that would not be possible otherwise.

For example: The Carbon fiber air vents in our current Lamborghini Huracàn would be impossible to make as would many of the modern snap-together car interior pieces. In fact, even Lamborghini factories use lamination in many of their carbon pieces including the interiors of the 997 (and previously 996) and the Gallardo. We at VOS PERFORMANCE make sure the quality is the best available and is to the standards expected by BMW, Ferrari, and Lamborghini customers.

VOS Carbon Fibre Comonents: FACTS & Specs

Individual Style

The VOS PERFORMANCE carbon parts product range is individually designed an precisely fitted to enhance the cars look and feel as well as its practical handling (e.g. our adjustable rear wing “TORNEO” on the Lamborghini Huracàn)

Quality Made in Germany

VOS PERFORMANCE carbon body parts and kits meet the highest industry standards in terms of terms of strength, material quality and matching accuracy. All parts are designed exclusively and manufactured according to the newest methods.

It’s Time for an Upgrade! Rims & Tires by VOS Performance

There’s no better way to make an instant and dramatic upgrade to the look and performance of your vehicle than with a new set of wheels and tires. It’s time to make your ride even more enjoyable with a Tire & Wheel Package by VOS Performance.

Need help choosing the right “Rolling-Dress” for your vehicle? Our team of highly trained experts has the knowledge and passion to help. Just pick up the phone and give us a ring. Or just drop us a line via E-mail. Our experts love giving you the right tips and hints.

Partnerschaft mit branchenführenden Marken

Tailor made Individuality

What can you expect? With the exclusive VOS PERFORMANCE wheels & tires service we design rolling individuality as it’s best. No matter what form, what material or what manufacturer you desire, we will meet your requests and preferences.

High class brands at best prices

In addition to high-quality rims we also offer matching quality tires. Choose from a variety of brands. Flanked by our industry-leading partners, we are able to offer an all-inclusive package, with competitive prices and tailor made solutions for you individual needs.


Even after sales we at VOS PERFORMANCE offer you a an individual workshop service. You just bought a tire set but don’t want to get your hand dirty. No problem. Just rely on our tailored and time-flexible installation service for all rims an tires. Available for high end sportscars as well as for the everyday driver.


We at VOS PERFORMANCE offer everything you need, to make you car a custom made automobile icon. In addition to performance upgrades, race mods an software tuning, our team gets hand on the worlds best exhaust systems, suspension technology, carbon parts, wheels & rims or upgraded brake systems. We only use original spare parts and offer a complete after sales workshop service to keep you up and running.

Your benefits at VOS PERFORMANCE:

  • Quality counts: workshop services at manufacturer level
  • Performed by highly qualified, permanently trained service technicians
  • Wearing parts are replaced with original parts
  • Professional installation of tuning & racing equipment

High Performance Brake Systems

Along with well-known brands and partners, we offer high performance brake systems. Whether for racing purposes, sporty trims, everyday use or individually designed setups.

While most passenger car brake systems are quite robust and reliable under typical operating conditions, high-performance driving and/or racetrack operation generally require alternative design solutions to optimize consistency and longevity. Whether it is brake fluid fade, cracked rotor discs, chronic knockback, or insufficient brake pad life, the stresses of motorsports can pose unique challenges to even the very best brake system designs. Consequently, ceramic rotors, six-piston calipers, adjustable balance bars, and titanium backing plates have all made their way onto the high-performance brake system scene. We at VOS PERFORMANCE will give you the right answers in terms of whats suitable for your car.

Performace & Custam made Air Filter Systems

An air filter’s primary function is (un-surprisingly) to filter the air going through your car’s inlet system. The best filters achieve an optimal balance between stopping debris getting into your engine, and allowing as much air in as possible. The more air you can get into your engine the better the potential for power increases. High performance Air filters increase airflow and supply colder air to the engine than standard OEM parts, which has a real impact on your car’s power and fuel efficiency. Changing a car’s intake and air filter is often one of the first steps in tuning an engine, and when combined with a performance exhaust it’s a solid foundation for significant power gains.

OEM Spare Parts

We at VOS PERFORMANCE believe that it is vital to maintain vehicles to the highest standards and in case of repairs or modifications, to rely on original spare parts and accessories.

Original spare parts and accessories have been designed, manufactured, tested and certified to the highest quality standards of the vehicle brand (Original Equipment Manufacturer – OEM), meaning production and inspection standards, materials, dimensions, shapes and functions.

Unauthorized parts and accessories may closely resemble the originals, but those will not have the same quality. This quality is not visible to the naked eye and just because it “looks the same”, it doesn’t mean that it matches the performance of original parts and accessories.

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