Configure your performance upgrade:

Configure your performance upgrade:


Chiptuning for cars means that the software is optimized within the engine control unit – therefore Chiptuning is also referred to as software tuning. Various parameters, such as e.g. Amount of fuel, ignition timing, fuel injection timing and boost pressure will coordinated much better.

At VOS PERORMANCE we┬ácollaborate with the company “Upgraded”. With state of the art methods our Engineers improve the overall performance of your car by “implanting” an individually designed setup that meets your requirements and preferences. No “out-of-the-box” tuning but custom made performance improvement.

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More power

Up to 20% performance increase by individually optimizing the engine control software.

More torque

Up to 35% increase of “pulling power” (torque) by individually optimizing the engine control software.

More fuel efficency

Durch die individuelle Softwareoptimierung wird der Kraftstoffverbrauch Ihres Fahrzeugs reduziert.

Lower emissions

Lower emissions by reducing the fuel consumption of your car.



On turbo-charged engines the performance gains are starting at 10% (Ecotuning) and go up to 20% (Upchip). With software tuning applied to natural aspirated engines, the power increase can be set to an average between 5% and 10%. Especially the acceleration performance and torque are improved enormously during chip tuning.

As part of the chip or software tuning comes with a reduction of fuel consumption an lower emissions at the same driving style. In times when fuel prices continue to rise, this part is a particularly notable byproduct of the software tuning.

The results at a glance:

  • Performance increases between 5% and 20%
  • Torque increases of between 5% and 35%
  • Reducing fuel consumption and lower emissions after chip tuning